Office Safety, OSHA, Hazards, Checklist, Tips, and Policy

Office Safety

Office Safety OSHA

What OSHA standards apply to administrative offices? It's a common question. Assuming your state does not have it's on state OSHA plan and regulatory body for safety and health, offices are subject to 29CFR 1910 which is the general industry standard.

Office Safety Hazards

Hazards associated with office settings can range anywhere from slips, trips, and falls to active shooter situations. We'll just give you some of the most commonly cited ones which are:
  1. Slips, trips, and falls from obstructed, uneven, or slippery walking surfaces
  2. Repetitive motion disorders from excessive typing or other repetitive movements
  3. Workplace violence and sexual harassment
  4. Motor vehicle accidents outside the office
  5. Back injuries from lifting files or other items which are heavier than 30lbs

Office Safety Checklist

A good office safety checklist will enable you to inspect work areas and identify possible hazards which could injure office staff members. Your checklist could consist of simple items such as:
  1. Ensure walkways are clear of office supplies and other material
  2. Ensure employees who perform repetitive motions take routine breaks
  3. Ensure workplace violence and sexual harassment training is attended
  4. Ensure seatbelts are worn if employee run errands in an automobile
  5. Ensure no employee lift items over 30lbs

Office Safety Tips of The Day

Covering a "safety tip of the day" or "office safety message of the day" can benefit the company and the employees. They ultimately raise safety awareness among everyone and keep safety fresh on everyone's mind. Here are just a few you might consider:

Office Safety Policy

Every office should have a safety policy that conveys executive management's commitment to safety and how they intend to achieve safety excellence. A policy statement might look something like the following:
The management of this company is very interested in working with you to provide a safe place in which to work. The prevention of accidents and injuries to our employees is the prime objective.

All company personnel are expected to take an active and constant interest in the prevention of accidents. We call upon all employees to use good common sense and in all their actions, take a second to think of the consequences to your fellow employees. We cannot overemphasize that all employees must do their part to minimize accidents.

An office safety policy is just one component of an entire OSHA safety program manual. Our office safety manual contains an office safety policy and all the other elements you need to achieve compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.