Pest Control Safety, Hazards, Procedures, Manual, and Topics

Pest Control Safety

Pest Control Hazards

The key to preventing injuries and illnesses in pest control operations is knowing the hazards. Once you know the hazards, you can eliminate or control them with engineering or administrative controls as needed. Here are some common hazards you'll find in the pest control trade:
  1. Respiratory hazards from pesticide inhalation
  2. Skin irritation and burns after the skin absorbs concentrated pesticides
  3. Eye irritation and potential blindness from concentrated pesticides exposure to the eyes
  4. Insect, rodent, and snake bites while working in crawl spaces, etc.
  5. Heat illness from working in hot areas while wearing protective clothing for an extended amount of time

Pest Control Safety Procedures

Knowing pest control hazards is the first step in employee protection. Then it's time to implement procedures that prevent injuries and illnesses. Here are some you might consider:
  1. Always wear proper personal protective equipment for the job or task
  2. Ensure employees are always fit tested for the respirators they will use
  3. Ensure adequate light is provided while working in dark areas where rodents, insects, and snakes may be
  4. During hot temperatures, take routine breaks for water and fresh air

Pest Control Safety Manual

A pest control safety manual should contain a policy statement, safety rules or code of safe practices, and other subject matter that deals with the hazards associated with pesticides and other hazards of the trade. Our pest control safety manual does a good job of this and allows you to customize to even better fit your need.

Pest Control Safety Topics

Safety topics that are specific to pest control work alone will be few and far between. However, a general safety meeting topic library that "includes" subject matter related to pest control is easy to find and use. Our safety topics are perfect for the need. Just select the topics that matter to your pest control business and repeat those several time throughout the year to keep safety awareness up and inform new hires that come on board throughout the year.