Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do you print or ship hard copies? No, our products are instant downloads (Microsoft Word or PDF) only. The customer is responsible for printing and distributing the product.
2. What if I don't like the manual? We'll issue a refund if you tell us where the product fell short.
3. Will it pass scrutiny by OSHA and others. Yes, at least 97% of the time. Over the years we've perfected the content so it will pass review by almost anyone. However, there are always a few outliers - companies you may do work for who may want additional material. If this happens, let us know we can customize the manual for you so it passes review by anyone on earth.
4. What is the refund process? Send us a message through the contact page and we'll process your refund. All we ask is that you give us a reason why you need a refund.
5. What if I need to comply with ISNetworld®, Avetta, BROWZ, PEC, ComplyWorks? Contact us, we have to do a custom service for these entities.
6. What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
7. How do I ensure my manual is always compliant or updated? We update our safety manuals and publish them online January 1 of every year. We also send out an email or text to customers reminding them to purchase and download the latest version. This gives you peace of mind that your manual is always up to date.
8. Do I have to give each employee their own copy of the safety manual? In most cases, you only need to ensure that it's "accessible" to employees while on company time. So you could keep a copy at the common areas of the workplace, in the job box on temporary sites, or in work vehicles if that is the "office" of your employees.
9. Does the safety manual comply with state-specific safety / OSHA standards? Yes, unless you are in the state of California. If you are in California, contact us so we can route you to the correct product.
10. What if I don't have Microsoft Word? Contact us, we have a free alternative you can use.