We're just a small family business like you. So we understand what it's like to be in your position and we know what it's like operating on a small budget.

Since 2009, eSafety Manual has helped over 9,000 companies just like yours with OSHA and safety compliance. You are probably here because a copy of your company safety manual was requested by a general contractor, your workers' compensation insurance carrier, OSHA, etc. You can be sure that our safety manuals are what they are looking for! We've sold thousands of these safety manuals and we know what reviewers think about our products.

Our workplace safety manuals are still considered basic because they do not take into account special or unique conditions associated with your workplace or company. However, our safety manuals are definitely more "tailored" than other basic manuals you will find on the web. Each manual is in MS Word format so you can add or remove content as needed. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, please message us and we will make it right! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We have years of training and experience in the areas of Occupational Safety & Health and Workers' Compensation. The fact is, that literally tens of thousands of small businesses across the U.S. do not have a workplace safety manual as required by OSHA and don't know even where to begin. eSafety Manual aims to solve this problem by delivering a cost-effective safety manual that meets the needs of the everyday employer. We are a small family business with just the right amount of expertise and customer care to accommodate small business owners just like you. Try us out. You won't regret it!